The demolition of concrete and asphalt material in the buildings, parking lots, roadways and sidewalk can brought massive amount of aggregate material, which is difficult and costly to move and at the same time expense to dispose and have negative environmental effect. Thus, keeping in mind all above results and the evolution of technology in the recycling industry has brought the concept of growing trend in asphalt and concrete recycling throughout Canada and other parts of the world. RBS Heavy Machinery is one of Edmonton Alberta premier mobile custom crushing & screening operations with our state of the art Arjes Crushing and Shredding Machinery.

Concrete Crushing / Asphalt Crushing

We offer complete mobile, portable and onsite concrete crushing and screening operations, which include:

  • Mobile and portable crushing equipment and support equipment including excavators, loaders, etc.
  • Pre-sizing, sorting and general size reduction
  • Crushing of materials to meet your final product size specifications (coarse to fine)

We are proudly serving Canada with certified equipment, which can help in the demolition of concrete and asphalt material. Many of our client take advantage of these materials and save their money and environment with the negative effect of concrete and asphalt waste by efficiently recycling them.

See our line of Arjes Concrete and Asphalt crushers here: