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Control Box

Geith is proud to lead the way on Coupler Safety with our control system for Geith hydraulic couplers. With its simple and safe operating sequence, the IP65 and CE compliant device satisfies the present and developing safety requirements (ISO 13031).Front & Rear Safety Lock

  • Easy Installation
  • Bypass Button
  • Compatible with previous control box


Easy installation and improved performance.
• User friendly with increased safety and audio warning.
• Plug & Play Installation with Suction Pad Holder.
• Bypass Button allowing you to remove particular attachments such as pallet forks (as example) without having to curl in the coupler to release the attachment
• IP65 rated (high dust and water resistance rating)
• Maintenance friendly and compatible with previous control box*
• Can be used to power LED warning beacons and Audio devices for additional safety features

Using the Control Box

• Step 1. Press the Power button.
• Step 2. Press the unlock button.
• Step 3(a). Curl to get pressure & Audio signal.
• Step 3(b). Press the bypass button for 6 seconds.
• Step 4. Both Safety Locks will now open.
• Step 5. Press the Lock button to close safety locks.
* Bypass button allows you to remove particular attachments when the curl position is not suitable

*One Step 3 is used from Step 3(a) or 3(b) depending on whether you are using curl to release or using bypass button





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